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Humanity, resistance, detachment, and attachment. It is a broad depiction of tragedy. It delves into the varied and interconnected memories within the human collective. It is an exploration of the primal forces of resilience and tenacity within the human spirit. Through sculpture, play of light and shadow, dramatic music, and documentation of viewer responses, an attempt is made to unearth broader and deeper spiritual memories.

Imprint / 2023---  /  sculpture, video, text

At different temperatures, water takes on various forms, providing people with different sensory experiences, much like the four seasons in the same ecological environment. The generation of natural laws is the result of the interconnected and mutually influential factors. This resembles a simple and pure abstract model, a systematic extraction of representation, an experiment in material expression, and an exploration of the expression of life survival.

Temperature-sensing water source/ 2023---  /  canvas, ink, video, text

This is a series of installation artworks intended for display in a comprehensive space. It portrays the interrelationship among water, life, plants, and women. Within them exists a harmony of mutual inclusion, mutual tearing apart, and mutual compromise, depicting contrasting states of existence.

The gate of life/ 2024--  / clay, water, grass, text

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