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2010-2014 Central Academy of Fine Arts  (CAFA) BA in Arts

2017-2018 graduate from Glasgow School of Art Masters of Letters in Fine Art Practice in distinction


Exhibitions and Achievements

2011 “Treasures” was awarded First Prize at the exhibition of Youth Footprint held by CAFA

"Imitation of Eighty-seven Gods" and "Rural Notes" were displayed at the Teaching Exhibition and archived by CAFA

2012   “Wandering in the Art” was displayed at the exhibition of Youth Footprint held by CAFA

  “Noon” got the scholarship of CAFA

2013 “Memory” and “Treasures” were displayed at the exhibition of Source Searching from Far Away held by CAFA

“Night” got the scholarship of CAFA

2014 "The Same Journey" was awarded the Top Prize by CAFA. Additionally, it won the First Prize at the Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition called "The Start of A Long Journey” held by CAFA. Besides, it was also displayed at the exhibition “Together on the Path”, the first “Ovation Star” Excellent Works Exhibition for Youth Support Plan held by Beijing Today Art Museum

2015 "Hurry" was displayed at the Joint Exhibition for CAFA Young Artists held by Beijing Times Art Museum

2016 "Listen to the Rain" was displayed at the Exhibition for the Top 10 Young Artists in Tianjin and got the title of “Top 10 Young Artists in Tianjin" by the Tianjin Artists Association 

2018 "Cliff | Island" displayed in "Close By" exhibition for Glasgow Young Artists

 "The long 68"  was displayed at” Festilitt 2018 art festival” in France

2019 "Cliff" and "Wandering" were exhibitioned at Tramway Art Museum in the UK.

2020 solo exhibition was held online at the Art Pistol Gallery.

2022 "That Day" was exhibitioned at the Festilitt 2022 Arts Festival in France.

2024 "Echoes of the New Era" was selected for the 14th National Art Exhibition of China and was exhibited at the Tianjin Art Museum.

2024 “He" participated in the group exhibition of young artists at the Art Pistol  Gallery.


Treasures, Sealed Stories, Untitled, On the Same Way, published the on-campus academic journal

"The Same Journey" was published in a national newspaper called Chinese Culture Daily

"The Same Journey" was published in  the Collection of Excellent Graduation Works

ISBN: 978‐7‐5356‐6348‐1

"The Same Journey" was published in Collection of Excellent Young Artists

ISBN: 978‐988‐13957‐0‐2


In 2018, conducted experimental teaching on 'Modern Attempts of Chinese Ink Language' in the undergraduate department at the Glasgow School of Art.

In 2019, delivered a lecture at the University of Glasgow on the theme of 'Contemporary East-West Interpretations of Traditional Chinese Painting.'

In 2019, hosted a lecture on 'Traditional Chinese Papermaking Techniques' at the Orkney Science Festival.

In 2020, led a lecture at the University of Strathclyde on the topic of 'Contextual Meanings in Chinese Painting.'

In 2021, hosted a presentation on portrait painting techniques at the Ayr Artists Club.

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