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Shanshan Jiang (Anne) 's paintings have been showcased in both domestic and international exhibitions, including venues such as the Tramway Gallery in the United Kingdom, the Glasgow School of Art Museum, the Festilitt Literary Festival in Paris, the Today Art Museum in China, the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. Recently, her works were featured in the Art Postal Gallery in the United Kingdom.

Through painting, sculpture, video, and collaborative installations, Anne Jiang explores issues related to the pressures and inherent contradictions encountered by our surrounding environment and human ontology. In her practice, she examines the primal tension between eternal fixation and collapsing reorganization, definition and being defined, as well as the material expression. Her works are often considered to lack specific themes, remaining unrestricted and undefined; they are abstract forms with inherent meanings.

Currently residing and working in the United Kingdom, Anne Jiang is the founder and director of Dachu Studio, an art and cultural education space.

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